Fashion seems to be fixated on heritage brands at the moment - not that that's a bad thing. These lines have proven track record of quality, durability, and sustainability, and are not overtly affected by changes in fads or fashion.  J.Crew for example, in addition to selling its own branded products, sells a very limited number of heritage brands like Timex®, Belstaff® and Quoddy®.   Levi's has taken this one step further with Made & Crafted, an Amsterdam-based company which launched in the Spring of last year.

The designers at Made & Crafted have trolled the archives to produce classic pieces under that banner.  At Made & Crafted, the focus is on simple but well-made clothing with interesting details such as their signature curved pockets and buttons made from compressed fabric of the shirt material.

The line is sold in specialty stores in Europe and Japan, Barneys in New York and online.  See some of the Fall|Winter 2010 looks after the break.