Image: island*atelier
I was lucky enough to be able to have a look around this building a few weeks ago.  There aren't a great many examples of modern architecture here, or at least not obvious ones however this property is on a major thoroughfare and so it is one of the more high-profile modern properties that have been built in recent years.  I watched with great anticipation when the building was being constructed and originally thought it was going to be a residential property but it is currently being used as offices for the architectural firm that designed it. 

While it is situated on some prime real estate, the plot is small and has several limitations; on one side it abuts a major road and on the other there is the water.  Given these drawbacks, the architects have done a great job with what they had and to work with and the building cleverly mixes traditional (such as copious uses of cedar and the second floor's beamed ceiling) with nautical elements (via the hardware and fixtures which give a nod to the building's location on the side of a major inlet).

Some highlights include wonderful light from the floor-to-ceiling windows which also serve to make the beautiful views a feature, the use of lots of gorgeous glass inside the building as well as without, and the staircase, one of my favourite features, which curves upstairs to the second floor which gives the illusion that it is floating on air.

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Images: island*atelier