Image: Blackbird
I remember when the volcano erupted and this Mount St. Helens Soap Set has been created by Blackbird to commemorate both that occasion and the opening of Blackbird's first outlet in Portland, Oregon.  I love the packaging of the soaps, whose ingredients include saponified olive, coconut, palm kernel oils, shea butter, beeswax and activated charcoal. The soaps are handmade in Washington State and have images of the eruption's destruction emblazoned on its top and sides as well as images of folk hero Harry R. Truman who owned a lodge in the shadow of St. Helens for 52 years and who perished in the eruption. 

The soap's lather takes on a blackened, ash-coloured hue due to the charcoal, and has a woodsy-mint fragrance from the bouquet of Oregon peppermint, Washington geranium, Portland rose and Pacific Northwest cedar wood. These ingredients are fused together into two black cubes, which represent Seattle and Portland respectively, and signify for the company the symbiosis of the two cities through the now dormant volcano that stands between them.

Images: Blackbird