Image: Nick J Nieto

Just in time for Tropical Storm Leslie which is predicted to turn into a hurricane and hit these islands in a few days, is this re-brinding of Gosling's Black Seal Rum by designer Nick J Nieto.  The swirling design of the bottle and glass are intended to be evocative of the hurricanes and storms that often hit Bermuda's shores as well as to the infamous Bermuda Triangle.  The picture on bottle's label was based on actual images of a hurricane over Bermuda, while the base of the drinking glasses has a spiral vortex which gives the effect of looking into a whirlpool or the eye of a storm.  The attention to detail extends to the packaging for the bottle: here Nieto's aim was to suggest bottle as hurricane descending  from the clouds into a whirlpool in the ocean.

Images: Nick J Nieto