Image: Mutina

Patricia Urquiola (along with Kelly Wearstler) is one of my major design crushes.  As the Creative Director for Mutina, Urquiola is responsible for the look and feel for the entire brand.  Using an innovative digital printing technique on porcelain stoneware which enables the production of a high diffusion product, she has produced this new collection, Azulej, which is a line of tiles in beautifully muted colours.

The patterns on the tiles were chosen to deliberately combine different aesthetic languages: memories, geometrical schemes, floral design, all developed both in a longitudinal and diagonal direction reminiscent of classic cement tile design.  Azulej takes patterns that at first glance feel familiar and gives them a smart new look and feel.  The process used to create the tiles makes them impervious to staining and damage and keeps their price-point reasonably low.  The tiles have a slightly textural finish which is pleasing to the eye and touch.

Images: Mutina