Image: IKEA
In what could cynically be regarded as an inevitable move, for the first time IKEA has looked to the East for inspiration, combining its traditionally Scandinavian aesthetic with that of China to come up with the limited-edition Trendig collection.  The collection will be available in stores only for a few months, but is being regarded by the company as the starting point for a new trend as the company begins to look farther afield for fresh inspiration.  

We have mixed feelings about the result which seems to be a caricature of Oriental culture.  Claiming to feature materials and motifs commonly found in Chinese design, the company states that the line was produced as a genuine cultural collaboration between designers and artisans in Sweden and China but includes references to table tennis, koi and (in a strange cross-pollination with Japanese culture) the maneki-neko or lucky cat.  The Trendig collection will be available in stores from today January 31 just in time for the Chinese New Year.  

Images: IKEA