Image: Benjamin Hubert

Another slim profile table is Ripple by designer Benjamin Hubert (who's been featured here before) and Canadian manufacturer Corelam as part of an internal studio research project into lightweight construction techniques.

The table's unique corrugated plywood construction makes it incredibly lightweight.  Made of three-ply birch aircraft plywood which have been sandwiched together in layers, the table uses less material than a standard timber table and is light enough to be easily picked up and moved around.  Despite its seeming fragility, the table can support a surprising amount of weigh with its impressive strength-to-weight ratio being enabled by an innovative production process of corrugating plywood for furniture through pressure lamination.  Ripple is pleasantly minimal in its design language. The top surface consists of corrugated plywood overlaid by a flat sheet and the A-frame legs are again a sandwich construction, this time of two corrugated plywood layers.

Images: Benjamin Hubert