Image: island*atelier
We haven't featured any children's parties here for quite a while, so we are happy to bring you the details of another one.  Some time ago we alluded to the fact that we kept seeing flamingoes everywhere and on everything.  Part of the reason for this was due to the fact that we were in the midst of planning this flamingo-themed pool party.  The premise of the party was simple: provide a number of splash pools and water games to keep guests cool and entertained on a hot summer afternoon.  

The party was built around a colour scheme of pink, orange and blue, polka-dots and, of course, lots and lots of flamingoes.  The pretty birds showed up as lawn ornaments courtesy of the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo's annual flamingo flocking fundraising initiative which raises money to fund conservation education classes at that organisation.  They also appeared on cupcakes, cookies, lollipops and gift bags.  The party was held at the height of summer and, as the chosen location did not have an in-ground pool, blue inflatable pools of different shapes and sizes were scattered around the garden.  The lawn was decorated with pink and orange beach balls and guests received pink, orange and white leis to wear.  The inside of the house was decorated with orange, pink and white polka-dotted bunting and paper fans. 

With an emphasis on free play, games were limited to an egg-shaped ice cube relay race and a lucky dip for golden eggs containing egg yolk candies.  Many elements of the party such as the lucky dip and favours, the ice egg game and glitter feather headbands (which were given out in lieu of party hats) were handmade.  As a thank you, guests were given flamingo backpacks as goody bags and they also took home as many beach balls as they were able.