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With summer finally here (in fact we seem to be suffering through a heat wave at the moment) there is no better time to stock up on beach toys which will be put to use incessantly over the next few weeks. There is also no reason to skimp on design as these beautifully rendered toys from Quut show.  Quut was developed as a project by Pars Pro Toto, a well-regarded Belgian design agency with more than 20 years' experience in designing and engineering innovative products.  They decided to make our own children's toys using durable, clever designs that offer fun and beauty for kids and parents to enjoy. 

Many of the toys are multifunctional with rakes doubling as sieves and funnels and shovels as mitts for catching games. The Cuppi is a shovel, sieve and ball, all in one. The ergonomic shape is designed for small hands, bringing together three separate parts for a variety of activities. Use the shovel to scoop out sand castles and make tracks for the rolling ball.  The two cups snap together for easy storage and transport.  The Alto is a three-part toy that lets you build tiered sand castles like a pro - in fact it was inspired by the tools used by professional sand-builders.  It has stackable, components which enable children to become expert at creating simple, solid structures without the need for multiple buckets.  Perhaps the most remarkable toy is the Ballo bucket. Its spherical shape is surprisingly stable, resulting in minimal spills when carried by young hands.  Carrying water from the sea to shore has never been this much fun!

Quut toys are available on island at Robertson's.

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