Creative director Christopher Bailey moves away Burberry's traditional focus on outwear with this collection. Featuring both mens- and womenswear, the large collection of more than 70 pieces was a distinct departure from the House's usual offerings.

As expected there were a few trench coats, but their lines were softer and less structured than before. The main focus of the collection was on the combination of textures and textiles in unconventional ways. This included the beautiful lace that adorned dresses, jumpsuits and shirts for both men and women, the asymmetrical cable knit sweaters that were layered over lace or striped dresses and an abstract rope-like design that wended its way across sweatshirts. The women wore sock booties and several carried bags that featured a centurion's helmet, one of the few images in this largely monochromatic collection of white, cream, black and grey. The proliferation of stripes and general nautical feel was a clear indicator that this was a Spring collection: in keeping with the House's new ethos, pieces from the collection were immediately available for purchase after the show.  

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