Patchwork perfection at Shrimps where the models were photographed against a carpeted backdrop. Designer Hannah Weiland showed the line's usual fun and faux fur coats, however this time instead of bright pops of colour these were covered with simple, hand-drawn faces and heart imagery. Animal print showed up in the form of a handbag with a heart shaped handle and a scarf. There were  clashing prints and an odd sort of patchwork that appeared unplanned but in fact was strategic. Mismatched colour combinations provided contrast.

Love and romance were obviously in the air as, oddly, was Gertrude Stein. Her influence could be seen in the models' the short, choppy hairstyles which were directly based on Stein’s iconic hairdo and her well known saying which was altered for the brand's purposes to “A Shrimp is a Shrimp” and emblazoned on prints, embroidery and the carpeted backdrop.

Images | Shrimps