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'Extravagantly Unkept', Abi Box

From March 16 to May 16 2018, a group of contemporary artists held a show in the ruins of Lower Ordinance Yard, Casemates, Dockyard. The exhibition was coordinated by James Cooper whose aim was to show non-traditional art in new spaces. Thirteen new works were displayed at the site which forms part of property owned by the National Museum of Bermuda. The large, unconventional space provided the artists with a certain amount of freedom when it came to their pieces and many such as Calyx Smith took the opportunity of incorporating the building itself into their works.

The Now Contemporary Art Experience was sponsored by the National Museum of Bermuda, the  Bermuda Tourism Authority and the Bermuda Arts Council.

'Passing Over', Emma Sloan
'Semi Tropical Denial #4', James Cooper
'Untitled', Magnus Constable
'Nothing Is Inevitable', Mike Walsh
'Rock Boys', Peter Lapsley
'What Goes Up Must Come Down', Megan Meredith
'Holi Vests', Jon Legre
'Untitled ( desire)', Cullen O'Hara
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