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Michael Kors considers what American sportswear means today. Years ago, this might have meant a New England preppy ideal, one based on WASP traditions and culture, completely aspirational in its examination of what it means to be an American.

 Today, the intersectionality and appropriation of other popular cultures has become the norm. Once traditional tropes have fallen away or become diluted. American sportswear now borrows heavily from streetwear and urban influences and while Kors may recognise this fact, he does not fully embrace it. Instead he has gone for a fairly literal interpretation of the best parts of a beach vacation taking inspiration from surfer culture and such far-flung locations as the islands of the South Pacific. In fact, the proliferation of bright, abstract floral prints have a Gauguin-esque quality about them. When paired with surfer imagery, beach motifs and starfish embellishments, there can be no question about the source of inspiration for this collection.

Yannis Vlamos / Indigital.tv


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