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The market for portable, wireless sound is exploding at the moment.

First up: the Beolit 12 portable music system from B&O PLAY, Bang & Olufsen's new brand which is focussed on a more casual and portable product. The Beolit 12 purports to have cutting-edge sound quality, flexible application and distinct, compact design.  As the brainchild of Danish designer Cecilie Manz, the Beolit 12 combines excellent sound performance with portable wireless operation. Featuring Apple’s AirPlay technology, it allows music to be played wirelessly from your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC when connected to a wireless network. It is designed to be portable and has a built-in power supply and a rechargeable battery and the battery can charge an iPhone or other connected device and play back music for up to 8 hours at normal sound levels. The Beolit 12 will be available in Bang & Olufsen showrooms and online and in Apple Stores later this month.

Image: B&O Play, Audyssey
Next, my personal favourite, the Audio Dock Air from Audyssey, which is also an AirPlay speaker that streams music wirelessly from your computer, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.   The Audio Dock Air pairs the uncompressed streaming capability of AirPlay with Audyssey's sound technologies.  It is a fully-integrated AirPlay speaker so you can enjoy your entire iTunes library in any room, anytime.

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