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I hope that title does lead the wrong sort of traffic to the blog,but I couldn't pass up Saran Yen Panya’s range of furniture called Cheap Ass Elites.

Made from a combination of cheap everyday plastic items with more exclusive furniture components, the chairs are comprised of ‘low’ common household plastic objects – storage and laundry baskets – as the seating (back, base and arms), the lower part of the chair a simplified version of those stereotypical upper class chairs made out of wood. As the designer had said, the project is an illustration of a world where there’s no rich ass or poor ass: an ass is an ass.

Saran Yen Panya originates from Thailand, where he qualified as a designer.  His work combines design and storytelling in a visual way. The furniture represents a statement to the world about the great divide between rich and poor. “The designs are a blunt and sarcastic juxtaposition between rich and classical elements such as the louis armchair, ottoman chair, or the styles of William Morris, with low-taste elements such as mass-produced plastic appliances, common household items, working class objects etc. the clash of classes is simply shown, yet portrays the idealistic society where the rich and poor merge. All of the chairs are one-of-a-kind pieces,

Images via Saran Yen Panya

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