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We are falling slightly behind with our review of the shows as usually happens around this time, but we promise to forge ahead with coverage on the weekend and through the week. 

The next show to be featured here is Christopher Kane's. Some fetishise rubber but Kane seems to have taken it in another direction. Transparent, coloured, gel-filled plastic (ruminate on that if you will) in rounded shapes formed bags and collars on the dresses. These were outlined with  crystal diamant√© chains which also added sparkle to oversized cardigans and asymmetrical dresses. The fluid-filled touches reminded us of lava lamps or those jelly bracelets we played with as children. The different colours of the container and fluid combined to create a third contrasting colour that was quite fun. Similar amorphous prints could be found on jumpsuits and dresses. 

But rubber was definitely the star of the show and balloons in particular. The rounded shape turned up on skirts, sleeves and frilled layers and more literally as a colourful print, and as slogans on tops.  One coat was entirely made of black rubber and this was also deployed less liberally on lapels, scarves and elbow patches.


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