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The Orto furniture collection by zweithaler is based on a design principle which creates structures that are stable without any connectors.

The horizontal MDF boards of the shelf Orto 53 are held up and locked in place by skewed wooden poles which allow for tool-free mounting. Orto translates this structural principle to a domestic scale and its spatial structure creates a sculptural and functional system for displaying book and objects. The use of this principle on a small scale results in a shelving system also allows for flat-pack delivery.

As the construction relies on the exact positioning of the poles, coloured MDF was chosen as the material for the horizontal boards. These contrast beautifully with the natural wood colour of the beech poles and uppermost shelf. 

G√ľnther Linshalm
The Orto furniture collection was developed in cooperation with Mutamo, a Styrian partner for independent low-volume production and the design was revised to allow regional production, sustainable packaging and shipment. Orto 53 is part of the Unesco World Wide Things Collection, and was displayed at the Design Monat Graz 2019.

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