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What do you get when you cross an ia favourite fashion house with an ia favourite sport? Stella Jean for Spring 2020.

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. Even though its popularity may not extend to places like Italy or the US, it is huge in the English-speaking islands of the Caribbean, England, Australia, India and Pakistan, where Jean appears to have looked for inspiration this season. Jean is particularly good at choosing obscure themes and references and incorporating these into her collections. She has the tendency to take a theme and run with it - sometimes to the extreme - in which case her clothes can come across more like costume than fashion.

This collection is no exception. She keeps the bright colours, tropical flowers like the lotus, embroidery, patterns and motifs like the cockerel that we have previously seen in other collections but adds sporty elements like a top that’s modelled after a cricketer's shirt and trousers with built in knee and shin guards. Tigers, sari-wearing dancers, dhoti-like trousers and the gently meandering waters of the Chitral River all make an appearance as do astrological symbols which add a degree of mysticism to proceedings.

Isidore Montag/Gorunway.com


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