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We were so happy to see a new silhouette at Fendi this season.

It’s so rare to see something on the runway that looks a little new and fresh, but the dropped shoulder, puffed sleeve that formed the basis of Fendi’s autumn-winter collection felt that way. Silvia Fendi explored the concept of liberation which to her appeared to mean a combination of masculine and feminine tropes. There was a hint of “boudoir to the boardroom” with impeccable tailoring and dominatrix elements such as corsets, garters, leather jumpsuits and coats sharing the same space as pie crust collars and lace. Velvet, mohair, and the silk fringe that seems to have taken Milan by storm, added sensory touches and a paisley print - popular with both sexes - ran through the entire collection turning up on coats, skirts, and bags.


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