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Rather than merely owning a lamp with an energy-efficient LED-bulb as your sole salvo towards saving the environment, German designer Ingo Schuppler would like you to consider the  environmental impact to the entire unit, and so has created Schwarzes Gold, a lamp made from FSC-certified charcoal and copper which has been designed with an eye to being eco-friendly and energy-efficient from the materials used to every step in its manufacture, its packaging and disposal. 

The black material of the lampshade is made out of completely natural materials: flour and water as a binding agent and  FSC-certified charcoal.  Once combined, the mixture is poured into a form and baked for a few hours at low temperature, which keeps the ecological footprint small.  During the baking process, a copper form is applied to the black charcoal mix and this creates a solid bond between the two elements.  The copper interior of the lamp is intended to serve as a reflector for energy-efficient LED-bulbs.  When the lamp reaches the end of its life, the charcoal shade can be dissolved in water and is therefore completely biodegradable.  The other components can be recycled separately.

Images: Ingo Schuppler

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