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Image: island * atelier
I love minimalism and hate chintz or overdone ornamentation with a passion. I’ve been seeing chandeliers similar to this one for a while now and came across this version in a new restaurant in Hamilton. I like them a lot; while having simple lines of a drum shade on the outside, the lights of the more ornate and traditional chandelier make it pretty and interesting. The drum shade quiets the busy-ness somehow. 

We have a traditional chandelier in our dining room-cum-study and I’ve been planning to give it this treatment for weeks. I will post the project when I do.
Image: Nordstrom.com
I’ve been loving dresses for several years now. In fact my work wardrobe has slowing been metamorphosing from suits to dresses. The main benefit for me is that they make getting ready in the morning so much easier; no longer do I have to look for a suit and something to wear under it, belt, shoes, etc. With a dress, it’s slip on and go, plus shoes. I’m also hoping my dry cleaning bills will be less with one dress as opposed to a two-piece suit working out to be cheaper but I’m not sure with the costs of dry cleaning in Bermuda being as they are. But that’s a whole other post. 

Scrolling though day dresses on Nordstrom.com today and came across this Marc Jacobs one. I like it a lot as it is more wearable than most of his stuff. Sometimes I wonder whether he’s laughing at us women for wearing some of his creations as they don’t seem to be very flattering. I’m not sure if I could carry it off though, especially here.
Image: Unknown
Yesterday I posted picture of a house designed by Lucyina Moode and today I find myself drawn to the picture above which is of a strangely serene bathroom. The two unifying factors - they both have dark walls. While dark walls are not usually my first preference when designing my own space (I usually gravitate towards white on white in practice; the darkest room I have ever lived in was a mushroom-y brown), for some reason lately it seems as though I am attracted to the warm, calming look of darker colours.
Image: Unknown
I love this shot of an interior done by freelance interior designer Lucyina Moode who is based in London. It has the perfect touch of my favour colour of green - a sort of celadon. Very fresh.
Image: LivingEtc.

Images | Marni
Read an article today about a new trend: leggings for men or “meggings” as they are being called. The term sounds suspiciously similar to “meggae”, a lightly derogatory slang word used in Trinidad either verbally or with the accompanying hand gesture. When used, it means you think the recipient is an idiot and therefore I think the title is quite apt in this situation. Only an idiot could wear one of these and think he was being sartorial. Apparently Marni sent loads of them down the f/w 09 runway, so we’ll have to see whether the trend gets picked up.
Image: Camper
Came across these gorgeous summer sandals from Camper today. They’re kind of like Crocs, only cooler. Definitely on my list, only they’re not available yet.