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Image: Unknown
OK, apparently I’m having a McQueen moment. From hating his armadillo pumps, to loving his A/W 2010 menswear collection, to loving these Titanic Ballerina Pumps. You won’t catch me wearing them, but I do love the juxtaposition of hard and soft, masculine and feminine.
Love the palette of the Gucci show, but what I really love are the details…

The fall 2010 menswear shows took place in Milan this week and this show has to be my favourite. Have a look at the pictures and you’ll see why.
Image: VMan Magazine
About a Boy is one of my favourite movies, probably because it captures the mood of London I felt when I lived there briefly many, many years ago. The “boy” was played by Nicholas Hoult, who at the time was a plump, nerdy kid. I love the fact that he’s grown up to be such a strikingly good-looking adult. I never saw that coming! Also glad he is making the transition from child actor and didn’t get lost along the way. I’m keeping my eye on him and hope he does well. 

Nicholas Hoult is in A Single Man (limited release in the US) which is directed by Tom Ford and stars Colin "Mr Darcy" Firth.

Here is a perfect example of those Target Go International collaborations and how they don’t always work. The quality is likely to be poor and I’m not sure what the demographic for these clothes is - maybe a 16 year old fashionista? I’ve posted the only dress which slightly interests me above and a few more of the better looks after the jump. And the clothes are not cheap either. I have posted some pictures from the lookbook, but it was basically an exercise in trying to find the best of a bad bunch.

Zac Posen for Target goes on sale on April 25.
Image: Karim Rashid
A few weeks ago, I blogged about the Kor’s water bottles, which I had found online and loved the concept, ideology and design.

Imagine my surprise when I came across the iiamo GO baby bottle designed by none other than Karim Rashid, wunderkind of the design world. I will declare upfront that I am not fond of Mr Rashid (one of his “things” is that signature colour is pink which I think is a little pretentious, even for him). He is hyper-futuristic-modern and a think a little of his products go a long way. I once saw a show about his home which is almost totally his design/taste. It looked like a space capsule from the year 2130.

I may be mistaken but I think the design of the bottle is almost exactly like Kor’s though the function is very different. Apparently the iiamo GO bottle is self-heating and is designed to be able to warm the bottle’s contents without electricity using salt. Water and salt are contained in a cartridge (called an iiamo warm) and when the salt combines with the water, it's rehydrated and the energy created from the process warms the bottle up.

Even though the bottles work differently, you can’t deny the similarity of the design. I am very tempted to forward this to Kor. Hope they have a good IP department.

As promised below, let the cataloguing begin! First up, the quintessential Frenchman will be bringing out a line for Target. Target has been at the forefront of these fashion collaborations and is largely responsible for the bringing of high-end designer merchandise (not just fashion) to the masses. I have been suckered in a few times but found the fabric, fit and quality to be less than stellar and rather cheap. Often the best pieces are unavailable online or sold out. Their current pairing is with Rodarte and I haven’t been bothered. JPG might just tempt me back.

More pictures after the jump…
Images: Nanette Lepore
I love Nanette Leopre’s ultra-feminine fashion for the interesting details and good quality. I tend to purchase her less frilly pieces, so I was happy to discover she is set to launch what appears to be a diffusion line (anything to survive the recession) called Oonagh which from the few pictures I have seen will be a t-shirt and jersey-based line similar to Splendid or Velvet (both of which I love for casual, weekend wear). 

The line will retail at a slightly lower price point than the main label and will be sold from Spring 2010 at Nanette Leopre’s in the US.
Image: Connie Wang

The unlikely pairing of two fashion houses or a label/star and a big business/retailer seems to be all the rage recently with news this week of collaborations between Jimmy Choo and Uggs, Stella McCartney and Disney and that Sarah Jessica Parker will be following on the heels of Lindsey Lohan and Lady Gaga for Ungaro and Polaroid respectively, and acting as an “advisor” for Halston.

In some cases the pairings make commercial sense and have been successful. Take Yoji Yamamoto and Stella McCartney (again) for Adidas however some ventures have been spectacular failures (hello Lindsey) and seem to be nothing more than a publicity stunt and a way to generate inches in the fashion press. What qualifications to the advisors really have? Most of them employ a barrage of stylist to help them dress for public events. The fashion mash up is becoming so commonplace it might be interesting to keep track of them here.