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October is the month for all things gothic, right?

Horror Vacui, a label founded by Anna Heinrichs in 2012 beautifully combines the fear of emptiness with the growing popularity for comfort that has emerged since the pandemic. Her line of fine pyjamas and nightwear-inspired garments are covered with whimsical prints and elaborate sartorial details.

Iconic British fashion designer Zandra Rhodes has joined with IKEA on a new collection to explore what happens when colourful fashion prints are incorporated into a domestic setting. 

Swiss designer Kathrin Eckhardt recently launched her first collection of indoor furniture.

Elizabethan motifs and voluminous silhouettes take centre stage at Simone Rocha’s show for Spring 2021.



A fashion season unlike any other in recent memory launched earlier this month. Given the challenges faced over the last nine or so months, many designers have opted out of showing their collections altogether and staging major runway shows and over-the-top presentations have, if you’ll excuse the pun, fallen out of fashion. The few designers brave enough to push ahead with in-person  shows have staged intimate gatherings outdoors while the more cautious have released digital presentations instead.

While there will be fewer collections for us to review this time around we will still endeavour to bring you our favourites starting with this frilly and feminine collection from Anna Sui.

The deceptively simple Saam cupboard from Studio Parade's Vrienden collection is made up of individual components that are held together on both sides by a clever combination of wood and rope characteristic of the work of Floris Hovers.

LA-based Slowdown Studio has collaborated with Mylle and London-based artist Anna Beam to create this playful but sophisticated take on the humble inflatable pool. 

Made from super-durable heavyweight vinyl, each pool features a valve for easy inflation and is big enough to hold an adult... or two.

Brothel creepers are back.

Furniture design studio Brdr Krüger recently launched a chair initially developed by the late Danish architect Nanna Ditzel in 1983 but never released. 

Dior x Piaggio

We love to feature scooters here because they are a vital part of our local culture and this collaboration between Piaggio and Christian Dior would certainly turn heads if it were to hit our roads.

This bi-coastal collaboration between Southern California-based contemporary furniture brand Lawson Fenning and Brooklyn-based  MQuan Studio brings together the best of their specialisations. 

The Fragile Future III collection by Studio Drift combines nature and technology to create art.

Summer is here, but as many of us are still spending it in lockdown, there is no better time to consider improving and updating our outdoor spaces. 

We don’t feature a lot of men’s fashion here but we loved the painterly feel of this collection by Dior men’s Artistic Director Kim Jones for Dior's spring/summer 2021 season.

Australian studio Heliograf's Light Soy lamps mimic the fish-shaped soy sauce bottles called Shōyu tai (醤油鯛) found in many sushi shops. Lighthearted on the face of it, the design is in fact a commentary on the damaging effects of single-use plastic. 

The City Calendar by Katsumi Tamura highlights landmarks of major cities to create a colourful, three-dimensional pop-up diorama. 

It has been a while since we’ve written about dollhouses (you can have a look at other more minimal versions here and here) but this one by Louis Vuitton was way too adorable to pass up.

Island Atelier

It's one part of the body that is flattering on everyone, so it's no surprise that designers highlighted the shoulder for fall with asymmetrical shapes and statement touches that draw the eye toward the face. 

Much new design over the last few months has focused on the ways in which we can adapt our public spaces and businesses to the new realities of pandemic life like the creative use of screens and barriers to maintain social distancing and hands-free taps and handles to eliminate the need for us to come into contact with surfaces. Plato Design’s Alessandro Mattei and Caterina Naglieri have instead chosen a different path and during lockdown sought a way to stay creative while promoting independent production. 

There is a trend towards toothbrushes made from bamboo and sustainable materials, but the Xiaomi Doctor Bei Bass toothbrush instead focuses on design and ingenuity.

This contemporary, cylinder-backed armchair is by Waka Waka, a Los Angeles based studio that specialises in wooden furniture and functional objects.

Spanish studio MUT Design has created a new type of outdoor rug by interweaving ropes of different sizes together.

While living in the British Virgin Islands, one of our favourite things to do on a weekend was to escape from the relative hustle and bustle of Tortola to the quiet, luxury of Little Dix Bay Hotel on the neighbouring island of Virgin Gorda. 

The incredibly tactical Maria chair from Studio Parade is an updated riff on the Brabant button chair.

Rather than removing a metal wedding ring, married couples appear to be opting for rubberised versions instead.

The Little Nest suspended cradle by Oszkar Vagi is made from felted wool intended to form a cocoon around an infant.
Artists David Shrigley, Yinka Shonibare, Eddie Peake and Linder Sterling have come together to help raise money for a rapid response fund created by the Contemporary Art Society by designing and producing a collection of limited edition masks. 

Trinidadian artist Nneka Jones uses hand embroidery as her medium of choice in a series of contemporary, textured portraits. 

Ultra-feminine, frilly layers were everywhere.

Swedish architectural partnership Claesson Koivisto Rune have created the Lunaria set of tables which are reminiscent of the way in which the moon can appear slightly squeezed due to refraction of the light by the earth’s atmosphere.

The Eagle Electric kick scooter by Ignas Survila is the lightest and thinnest electric scooter on the market.

Ceramic artist Brendan Lee Satish Tang (who we wrote about here previously) is back with another series of sculptural ceramic works entitled Manga Ormolu as a commentary on globalisation as seen through the relationship between traditional Chinese Ming dynasty vessels and techno-pop art of Japan.

The que collapsible water bottle is designed to fit easily into a bag or backpack.
We know. We have all overdosed on the news relating to the pandemic and the last thing you are looking for in a place like this is more of the same, but bear with us. This project was too good to pass by. 

Arié Haziza - Wild Randomness (Tryptich)
The 2020 Bermuda Biennial was launched in front of  a modest crowd of members on March 5 at The Bermuda National Gallery. The lack of a crowd was unfortunate because the show turned out to be one of the strongest put on by the gallery in several years.

Karben Wood is a furniture studio founded with sustainability and longevity in mind.

Situated on the Atlantic coastline of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, this grown up treehouse brings to mind castaway days. Thatch House with its slightly elevated aspect and external cladding of western red cedar and thatch is designed to let the building fade into its surroundings.

We aren't ashamed to admit we first came across Tom Raffield on that Channel 4 stalwart Grand Designs when the renovation and extension of his family’s simple farmhouse in Cornwall was featured.  

Rattan furniture has always seemed dated. Of a certain time and place circa late 1980s to early 1990s, it evokes scenes from Miami Vice or The Golden Girls. It has the reputation of being kitschy and its popularity has declined in the intervening years.

These sculptural ceramics by Cuore Carpenito studio are handmade in Italy.