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How could we have missed the fact that Jeremy Scott has enjoyed a decade-long partnership with Longchamp during which he has produced a number of pop art, limited edition Le Pliage tote bags for that company? We love this version that is available from French boutique Colette and features popsicles in red, white and blue.
Just in time for the start of Movember, are these handmade, wooden "robots" from Argentinean designer Juan Pablo Cambariere which are a whimsical take on the metallic object. Made from beech and lime tree grown in the Jura mountains, the contemporary wooden pieces can be viewed as items of whimsy although their inspiration in rooted in something more substantial. Intended to represent the thousands of immigrants who flocked to Buenos Aires at the start of the 20th century fleeing war, famine, religious and political persecution many of these migrants were anarchists and militants and they grew moustaches as a way of mimicking the upper classes of society at that time and, more bizarrely, as a way of easily identifying and passing codes to one another using their fingers.