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Furniture design studio Brdr Krüger recently launched a chair initially developed by the late Danish architect Nanna Ditzel in 1983 but never released. 

Dior x Piaggio

We love to feature scooters here because they are a vital part of our local culture and this collaboration between Piaggio and Christian Dior would certainly turn heads if it were to hit our roads.

This bi-coastal collaboration between Southern California-based contemporary furniture brand Lawson Fenning and Brooklyn-based  MQuan Studio brings together the best of their specialisations. 

The Fragile Future III collection by Studio Drift combines nature and technology to create art.

Summer is here, but as many of us are still spending it in lockdown, there is no better time to consider improving and updating our outdoor spaces. 

We don’t feature a lot of men’s fashion here but we loved the painterly feel of this collection by Dior men’s Artistic Director Kim Jones for Dior's spring/summer 2021 season.

Australian studio Heliograf's Light Soy lamps mimic the fish-shaped soy sauce bottles called Shōyu tai (醤油鯛) found in many sushi shops. Lighthearted on the face of it, the design is in fact a commentary on the damaging effects of single-use plastic.