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Really simple but pretty collection from Apiece Apart. Light colours, loose fabrics and a coastal vibe. 

We love the exuberant colours and bold patterns found in this collection from Studio 189.

We shamelessly exclaimed over this collection of ethereal tulle evening dresses. 

In these strange, conflicted times we find yet another designer taking the opportunity with their Spring 2020 collection to make something of political statement on the meaning of one’s national identity.

Sometimes you just want pretty and something about the prettiness of this collection must have subconsciously called to me.

Gorgeous shiny and luxe fabrics take prime position in this bridge collection from Derek Lam 10 Crosby that featured a number of lovely pieces but did not feel particularly cohesive.

No real surprises from Michael Kors, but his ‘Preppy Punk’ collection was a welcome addition to the  fashion calendar.