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Usually worn and dirty, the highly patterned upholstery fabric used by Transport for London in its underground train carriages was specifically designed to be long-lasting and to camouflage dirt and other wear and tear as much as possible. This utilitarian item has now been given an overhaul and a long overdue acknowledgement of its pure aesthetic quality.

Things are looking sunny for spring.

We first wrote about this collaboration back in December, 2017 when it was announced and cannot believe it has taken this long for designer-of-the-moment Virgil Abloh’s collaboration with Swedish behemoth IKEA to get to market. 
Sometimes, all you need is a little inexpensive pick me up to feel better. 

Tara Ashe
This ingenious reversible glass vase by Tara Ashe is both versatile and pretty.
Solace, Catherine White
The ninth biennial Charman Prize opened last Friday in the main gallery of the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art with 107 Bermuda-based artists working in a variety of media on the theme ‘Where Fate Leads Us’. 

There is something about the medium of chocolate that seems to inspire the most whimsical designs. Couple this with a forward-thinking mandate and you get Future Chocolate by Jisun Kim.