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There will be a couple of Really Obvious Trends come fall which is always disappointing as it indicates to us a certain lack of  independent thought and an over-reliance on futurists and trend forecasters like Lidewij Edelkoort and Trend Union. First up is the copious use of fringe which showed up on the runways of every major city.

Situated on a private estate in the West end of the island, Juniper Hall, a unique example of Bermudian architecture, is remarkable for the stunning use of burnished cedar timber throughout.

Spanish design studio Kresta Design has created Agustine, a sleek outdoor collection made of wood and metal.

Inspired by Le Train Bleu and the glamour of the Golden Age of train travel, H&M has brought back its Conscious Exclusive collection for spring/summer 2020.

This collection of intuitive wooden toy blocks consists of 12 separate units each with its own story crafted around nature and the elements including soil, fire, flower, tree, mountain, sea, ice, stone, earth, moon, sun, and sand.

We need to create a new category called ‘Misogynistic Fashion’ because how else do you explain the existence of the Meteor 2.8 Jitney Bag by Off-White?

Sometimes you just want pretty, and that’s what Ermanno Scervino has delivered in spades.