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Images: Imaxtree/Lanvin
Images: H&M
Lanvin *hearts* H&M hit stores last week and I enviously watches scenes of the long lines and then mayhem as shoppers cleaned the place out.  I'm so sorry I couldn't have been a part of it although I am largely ambivalent about high/low collaborations these days and the (lack of) quality of the items however in terms of design, I'd have to give them full marks.
Image: Band Aid/Cynthia Rowley
My love affair with Cynthia Rowley continues.  While not strictly necessary, how adorable are these plasters she designed for Band-Aid?  They're sure to make you feel better the moment to put one on.
Image: Warby Parker
I've been looking for new frames for my prescription lenses (or "opticals" as the Americans say) for the longest while.  Something interesting and different, but not so much as to make me look too crazy.  Oliver Peoples usually has some good designs which are also good quality, but when I had a look at the portfolio online, nothing caught my fancy.  I also spent much of my recent trip to the US scouring every eyeglass store I happened by, with no luck.  I came across Warby Parker, a brand I'd never heard of before this week, and I must say, the glasses have impressed me.  They've got a good price-point and interesting styles (they even sell monocles; how cool is that? ) and I am sorely tempted to try some coloured frames this time.  I can't speak for the quality as I've only seen them online, but I might be willing to give them a try.  They donate a pair of glasses for ever pair they sell, so that can't be a bad thing.  

You can check out their current range here.
Image: Shopbop.com
Is it wrong that I love and want these Marc Jacobs silly bandz?  At $15 a pop, they won't break the bank.  Available here from Shopbop.com.

Well, it's goodbye to the Gap for star collaborator Stella McCartney who introduced the first Stella McCartney Kids wear collection earlier this month. With the success of her collaboration with the Gap, it made sense for her to leave the and forge her own way in the children's wear market as it was obvious that there is a demand. Her clothes for the Gap usually all sold out and quite quickly too. The clothes are currently available online and via a very fun and free iPhone app (you still have to buy the clothes) and the plan is for the garments to be sold through stores in the traditional way eventually.
Image: island*atelier
... and they are just a cute as they looked when I wrote about them here.

One of my favourite accessories is the watch, and over the years I've owned countless watches in different styles and types. I am always attracted to the men's watches as I like a larger, more prominent face, even though I have quite small wrists. I do consider them to be real statement pieces. Therefore it should come as no surprise that I have dabbled from time to time with Swatch watches. Although I haven't bought a Swatch watch in more than five years, I often stop at the shop (usually while I am in an airport) and have a look to see what is new. 

I was pleasantly surprised to realise that Swatch has recently updated its look and rather than the usual kitschy cartoon designs, these are a lot more streamlined and more wearable than what they have produced in recent years. To commemorate this fact, the company has been running a design competition with fashion editors, bloggers and trendsetters including Wallpaper* magazine, to promote the designs which are called the Swatch New Gent Collection. Video of the Wallpaper* campaign is featured above.
Image: Anthropologie
I have been searching literally for YEARS for the perfect pair of aviator shades.  I love the shape, but often the frames were too large or heavy or just plain uncomfortable and so the search continued.  I recently took the plunge and bought a very reasonably-priced pair from Anthropologie after reading the reviews from other customers.  There was talk of people buying two pairs at a time because the glasses are so perfect and inexpensive.  I took the reviews with a grain of salt but due to the fact that they cost less than $30, decided to take the plunge.  Goodness knows over the years I have spent ten times that amount on ill-fitting, uncomfortable pairs. 

And do you know, those reviewers were not far off the mark.  Although they pinch slightly in the nose, the shades are lightweight, flattering and an appropriate size for a woman's face.  I chose the colour above and it suits me, but there are three other colour/tint combinations to choose from so there should be a pair that's flattering for everyone.  The Fly-By-Night shades are available online from Anthropologie here.
Image: The Gap

Gorgeous ruffled trench.
No offence to any Americans out there, but I really love European design. From the clothes to interior decor, the clean lines, simple colours and the restraint has always appealed to me. Take a look at these designs from kalma&violeta, a company based in Madrid, Spain which produces children's furniture, beds and accessories. Using simple materials and basic colour schemes, kalma&violeta have produced designs which will enhance and compliment any child's room.

I love staying in boutique, designer hotels. I enjoy the thought that one day my house too could be like that. So I take the opportunity whenever I am away to live my dream. Therefore when I came across the Ames hotel online, I immediately knew that had to stay there during my trip to Boston.

Image: island*atelier
Sorry for the lapse in posts.  I've been away but I am now hopefully back on track.  More posts soon.

I've always loved Kate Spade and its brother company, Jack Spade, for being more than just a fashion but a lifestyle brand with lines of handbags, shoes, stationary and other accessories. Great colours, clean lines and quirky takes on traditional looks are the hallmarks of their designs.

I think I must be an uptown yuppie at heart. 

They have just opened a pop up shop in London's Covent Gardens until November 10 so those across the Atlantic have no excuse for not getting on board with their quintessentially New York style.