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Converse continues to keep relevant via a deluge of collaborations including one with Tyler the Creator that dropped earlier this year.

Designed by ACLA Architecture as a celebration of the tropics, the Stargazing Pavilion perched as it is atop a hill at Villa Being, Tobago makes great use of richly detailed hardwood doors and windows to frame an uninterrupted views of land, sea and sky.

We recently stumbled across this fantastic piece of mid-century modern furniture which was produced in the 1950s in-house by Vynex, an Australian-based fabric company that was a division of ICI.

We have long been a fan of Camper shoes for their quirky, whimsical and often amusing take on footwear, but we also love when they collaborate in a thoughtful way which they have done here. Camper have developed limited edition reimagining of the original model of their distinctive "stepping islands" or "walking islands" boot in conjunction with the Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI), a programme of the International Trade Center, a joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations.