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Youngmin Kang

The Oddly Bookshelf by Seoul-based artist Youngmin Kang features a balanced wire cage that holds books in place with a weighted, wooden orb.

It's been a long time since a household item got us excited but the Kept collection of  brooms and other household items by Kara Mann look more like works of art than tools.

The Fellah wicker stools by Denmark-based Sia Hurtigkarl Degel and Pia Angela Rasmussen function as both stool and storage. 

October is the month for all things gothic, right?

Horror Vacui, a label founded by Anna Heinrichs in 2012 beautifully combines the fear of emptiness with the growing popularity for comfort that has emerged since the pandemic. Her line of fine pyjamas and nightwear-inspired garments are covered with whimsical prints and elaborate sartorial details.

Iconic British fashion designer Zandra Rhodes has joined with IKEA on a new collection to explore what happens when colourful fashion prints are incorporated into a domestic setting. 

Swiss designer Kathrin Eckhardt recently launched her first collection of indoor furniture.