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The que collapsible water bottle is designed to fit easily into a bag or backpack.
We know. We have all overdosed on the news relating to the pandemic and the last thing you are looking for in a place like this is more of the same, but bear with us. This project was too good to pass by. 

AriƩ Haziza - Wild Randomness (Tryptich)
The 2020 Bermuda Biennial was launched in front of  a modest crowd of members on March 5 at The Bermuda National Gallery. The lack of a crowd was unfortunate because the show turned out to be one of the strongest put on by the gallery in several years.

Karben Wood is a furniture studio founded with sustainability and longevity in mind.

Situated on the Atlantic coastline of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, this grown up treehouse brings to mind castaway days. Thatch House with its slightly elevated aspect and external cladding of western red cedar and thatch is designed to let the building fade into its surroundings.

We aren't ashamed to admit we first came across Tom Raffield on that Channel 4 stalwart Grand Designs when the renovation and extension of his family’s simple farmhouse in Cornwall was featured.  

Rattan furniture has always seemed dated. Of a certain time and place circa late 1980s to early 1990s, it evokes scenes from Miami Vice or The Golden Girls. It has the reputation of being kitschy and its popularity has declined in the intervening years.

These sculptural ceramics by Cuore Carpenito studio are handmade in Italy.

Kurio Modular Shelving unit is a unique and versatile shelf-board system made up of a slatted grid which can hold powder coated metal panels of various sizes.

This is more like it.

After disparaging Virgil Abloh’s handbag a few weeks ago, we are feeling bit more optimistic by this offering from Nendo who we have written about many times before but usually only in terms of furniture and design and never in terms of clothing or fashion.

Another huge trend we’ll be seeing next season is leather treated like just any other fabric and often worn from head to toe.

The Swim collection by bibelo is designed by Margaux Keller with a curved feature that is reminiscent of a swimming pool ladder.

Toronto-based Anony is an interdisciplinary studio that creates minimal yet striking pieces. Their Phase chandelier marries functional lighting and sculptural design with beautiful simplicity.

Adam Goodrum, a leading industrial designer, and Arthur Seigneur, a straw artisan from France, have collaborated to create furniture that perfectly combines art and craft.

Pixio Magnetic Construction Set by Ivan Khalus and Oleh Berezovskyi is a riff on the 3D graphics industry.