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We aren't ashamed to admit we first came across Tom Raffield on that Channel 4 stalwart Grand Designs when the renovation and extension of his family’s simple farmhouse in Cornwall was featured.  

We are also unashamed to admit that when we first saw the amazing Giant Flock Chandelier unveiled in all its glory over the home’s staircase, our eyes filled with tears. The impact of that piece in situ was stunning, and it was then we became fervent disciples of Raffield's bent wood studio. 

Resembling a murmuration of starlings sweeping across the sky, the Giant Flock Chandelier is made up of 120 lightweight curlicues of steam bent strips of sustainable ash, oak and walnut lit by three filament bulbs that cast shapes and shadows over nearby surfaces. Because each element of the fixture is in constant motion, the smallest change in temperature or wind can change its form, creating a dynamic, mobile chandelier unlike any other. 

Tom Raffield
Raffield's Giant Flock Chandelier is made of wood that is sustainably sourced and is finished with an eco-friendly, natural matt varnish.

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