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While the world seems to have been obsessed with Flash Tattoos this summer, the original trendy temporary tattoos by Brooklyn-based Tattly are currently available on island at Robertson's Drugstore. Started by Tina Roth Eisenberg and with over a hundred artist-designed tattoos to choose from, Tattly’s philosophy aims to open the doors for self expression and day-by-day experimentation.
Back in September, a new British label for children ages 3 to 10 was launched.  Called Angels and Rockets, the clothes look comfortable without sacrificing style.  The first collection has a limited palette of blues, greys and denim with a few fun prints thrown in.
Designed by Studio Vrtiška, WOO Toys are a set of collector's toys symbolising three natural elements: air (an aeroplane), earth (a bulldozer) and water (a sailboat). 

The name of the collection is derived alternatively from the sounds of excitement emitted when using the toys or as an abbreviation of the English word "wood" from which the pieces are built.  With their beautiful wood finishes and graceful lines, the designers hope that WOO Toys will be viewed more as objects d'art than than playthings. 

Image  |  Chalk
We love this walnut coffee table with brass frame from Chalk which w as inspired by Japanese patterns.

A new retail experience has arrived on Front Street as part of the revitalisation of the local retail market.  Urban Cottage, the home decor and gift store which first opened its doors less than a year ago at its spacious warehouse location in Warwick, has reopened at a new location on the ground floor of the historic Somers Building.

The shop continues to sell its popular mix of new, vintage and reclaimed items at the new location, and the owner also plans to use the space to promote and collaborate with local brands.  The store spans two levels and retains many of the characteristics of the original warehouse location including wood cladding on the walls, exposed floors and industrial lighting.  Household items and soft furnishings can be found on the ground floor while a sweeping staircase takes you to the upper level where a range of carefully curated items including wines, teas, scented candles and toiletries and more are on offer.

Like cute, oversized Legos, the Minimals, from Peru-based designer Sebastian Burga are a brightly-coloured menagerie which includes a bespectacled frog, a tracksuit wearing crocodile and a gorilla in a hoodie.
We came across Loza Maléombho recently via Instagram of all places and fell in love with her modern take on African fashion.  Established in New York City in 2009 but having its centre of production in Côte d’Ivoire since 2012, the brand is best described as a fusion between traditional cultures and contemporary fashion.   The designer credits the fact that she travelled extensively in her youth for her eclectic aesthetic and the multiculturalism which is ever present in her work.   Born in Brazil and raised between Côte d’Ivoire and the United States, Maléombho has been designing since the age of 13, and graduated in 2006 from the University of the Arts of Philadelphia with a BA of Fine Arts in Animation. She worked with Jill Stuart, Yigal Azrouël and Cynthia Rowley before venturing off on her own.

By producing her clothes in Côte d’Ivoire, Maléombho hopes to empower women in that country. She also works closely with local artisans on featured products such as fabric, jewellery, shoes and accessories, thereby providing them with exposure at an international level.

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Gold-plated, multi-stranded wire bracelet designed by Rachel Rochford Jewellery.

These playful lights debuted during Paris Design Week at galerie Joseph.  Designer Toby Sanders cleverly subverted an object known to all: the beach ball.  The lights come in either a desktop or pendant version and add colour and whimsy to any interior, making it feel like summer all year round. 
Tory Burch has collaborated with FitBit to transform its standard bracelet tracker into a
 chic accessory for work or weekend, day or evening. The metal hinged bracelet is made of solid brass and its design is based on the decorative, open fretwork that is Burch's signature. With a secure, easy-access latch on the back, the bracelet looks polished while keeping the device comfortably close. 

Burch and FitBit have also collaborated on a metal pendant necklace and silicone printed bracelets to accessorise your tracker (pictured below).

The Basket Lamp from Nendo is a new lamp from Kanaami-Tsuji who are traditional wire craftsmen from Kyoto.  Based on the wire netting kana-ami cooking utensils, the light fixture preserves the craft’s traditions and develops it for contemporary and future generations.  The design allows the handcrafted shade’s woven pattern to reflect on the ceiling and the surface of the shade is finished with a powder paint to bring out the silhouette even more beautifully.

The Basket Lamp is sold at Seibu department stores in Japan exclusively.

This adorable desk and stool set in natural wood and sorbet colours from Jungle by Jungle is made in France of walnut or bleached oak.  The desk and stool have solid wooden legs while the table top has a matt lacquer finish and comes in six colours.  The heirloom items are made in accordance with traditional methods intended to last and to be passed on.  
For us, The Cloth will always be synonymous with a particular time when the clothing line now helmed by Robert Anthony Young was first established as a collaborative some 25 years ago. Over the last 18 years the line has matured as Young, who once considered joining the priesthood (possibly making the name of the line an extremely clever play on words), has refined and developed the line's signature appliqué treatment which can be found on most of the clothes and accessories.  The clothes - mainly made of cotton - are often layered, pleated or loosely draped making them ideal for the warm Caribbean climate. The designs are bright and eye-catching and of course because of the appliqué, no two pieces are ever alike. 

Committed as he is to a colour sensibility, an insistence on innovation, fabrics informed by practicality and an awareness of the global picture, Young has etched a place in the region that has earned him the respect of his peers and a fiercely loyal clientele. As a result, The Cloth has come to represent a unique and always original Caribbean aesthetic.

The models for Mara Hoffman's Summer 2015 presentation at Swim Miami wore these customised fun and colourful Madison Harding Platform sandals.
Anne Kurris' line of children's clothes are inspired by pop art and nature.  Characterised by bright colour combinations and with an emphasis on graphic design (Kurris teaches graphic design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and Sint-Lucas Antwerp) her clothes are playful without being overly saccharine.  

The collection is available internationally at top department stores such as Le Bon Marché in Paris, Liberty and Selfridges in London and Barneys in New York.

Images  |  Norges Bank
Norway’s new sea-themed banknotes have been heralded as an instant design classic.  Norges Bank invited eight teams to submit proposals for banknote redesigns and two Oslo-based studios were awarded one side each.  Architecture and design firm Snøhetta submitted a modern design featuring pixelated motifs of views of coastal Norway which will appear on the backs of the krone bills, while the Metric System ironically offered the more traditional imagery which will be displayed on the front.

The banknotes are an unusual cultural identifier as well as unlikely works of art. Norges Bank has advised that the final banknotes may differ from the proposals because of security reasons but it is intended that the notes will be issued in 2017 at the earliest.

The Charm Table from By Making and designer Marlon Darbeau has hidden storage and conical legs. The table's jellybean shape was developed as a space-saving feature.

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Image  |  IKEA
Our favourite item from this year's IKEA catalogue is the jewel-toned NYMÖ pendant lamp which is inspired by punk and pop music from the 70s and 80s. The perforations in the shade create pretty patterns through the material. The lamps can be clustered for a souk-like effect.
We have long been fans of Hanna Andersson's Scandinavian-style clothing for children including their comfortable knit dresses, cosy pyjamas and slippers. We are not sure why they waited so long but are excited to see that they are launching a new line of white goods and accessories today.  Like their clothing, the new home line is a blend of classic styles with an emphasis on comfort and quality. You'll see plenty of the bright stripes Hanna Andersson is known for, as well as pieces that pay homage to traditional Scandinavian prints.

Objects, a mixed media show by Trinidad‐based artist Al Braithwaite, is being held at the Medulla Art Gallery, Port of Spain, Trinidad until today.  Braithwaite is a contemporary artist from London, who works across a variety of disciplines including sculpture, assemblage, found material and installation.  His work fits into a tradition of conceptual art and recalls Dada, Surrealism, Fluxus and aspects of Orphism.

The show comprises one book, eight sculptures and over thirty photographs by Braithwaite who collaborated with other artists including Richard Arrindell, Miquel Galofré, Abigail Hadeed, Maria Govan, Nadia Huggins, Marlon James and Alex Smailes.  Braithwaite’s work is often laden with social metaphors, where people and objects become interchangeable or equivalent.  The norm is altered; common things are repositioned slightly or deployed in contexts which alter their meanings.  Narratives of play, power and vulnerability also run through the work.  
Image  |  David Okum
In this electronic world there is no escaping the ubiquitous power cord and we all do our best to hide or camouflage them, however the idea behind the Oon multi-outlet power cord is for the cord to be on display. Designed and manufactured in the US by David Okum to have a playful aesthetic, the functional cord replaces the standard unsightly power cord using wood, metal, plastic and woven fibres to create a cord you will actually want to display.
This rear-facing, inflatable child seat from Volvo would have been ideal a few years ago as an alternative to schlepping around a heavy and unwieldy seat, a necessity when travelling with infants and young children.  This prototype by Volvo - a name synonymous with safety - is designed to inflate (or deflate) in 40 seconds via its built-in electric pump.  The designer, a father of two, was encouraged to develop the seat based on his own experiences when travelling.

It is hoped that children will find the seat more comfortable than a traditional plastic moulded child seats as the main structure is filled with air. The seat also has interchangeable inserts in a wide arrange of materials, which allow for personalisation.  It is thought that the portable and compact seat will be convenient not just for parents, but also grandparents and others who may only need the seat occasionally.

These ceramic pieces of jewellery form part of the Modern Primitives line by Shayla Cox.  Different glazes are used for different effects and either a white or brown porcelain clay is applied. The jewellery is made by hand in Brooklyn, New York and each piece is unique.   

Perfect for small spaces and for creating a feeling of light and airiness in larger rooms, is the Atlantis Square Low Table by Glas Italia.  This subtle design comes in transparent extra-light glass, so it merges into the background, leaving centre stage to the rest of your furnishings. The table is created with 6mm tempered glass plates which have been cut with a water jet at a 45 degree leaving a chamfered edge.

The table is available from ARAM in extra-light transparent glass or an opaque satin surfaced glass in 22cm height square or rectangular shapes.

And now for something practical (but still stylish). 

Solving the problem of grappling with spring-loaded or rubber-sealed vacuum lid storage jars, is the Evak glass food storage system, a cleverly designed set of containers whose lids force every last bit of air out of the jars thereby creating a tight seal. No special mechanisms are needed in order to operate the lids.  Just push down to seal and pull up to open.  The lid has built-in air valves and as it is pushed into the container, air is pushed out preserving the freshness of its contents.  While the handle is plastic, the part of the lid that touches the food is stainless steel so the contents of the container only ever touch glass and stainless steel. 

The jars come in two sizes: 6″ and 8.4″ tall.