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A unique photography series was created recently by Austrian artist Andreas Franke who, when diving the wreck of the SS Stavronikita on the floor of the Caribbean Sea off the island of Barbados, saw it as the prime location to create one of his meticulously construed photographic stagings.  Using the coral formations which had been created from an artificial reef on the wreck as the backdrop, Franke has created a decadent Rococo scene with surreal and haunting images by combining photographs of the sunken ship with those produced in a studio and the images are typical of the era: disgraceful, self-indulgent and immoderate. 

Magnets were affixed to the pictures, which were then fastened to the ship. Care was taken not to disturb the ecological balance of marine life or to damage the outer skin of the Stavronikita. Divers were able to view the pictures underwater, thereby returning the images to their original setting.
Build by Jack Godfrey Wood and Tom Ballhatchet for Movisi is a mathematically inspired freeform unit which consists of a series of identical, five-sided components that can be combined in a variety of ways, giving the user complete control over the finished look. The lightweight units connect quickly and easily without tools or instructions using triangular fasteners and can be used to create tables or stools, mounted as shelves or used as room partitions. Available in a smooth black or a textured white finish, the units are made of expanded polypropylene and are completely recyclable.
Image: Sitka
American surf label Sitka and Case XX have come up with the Hobo knife: a detachable blade which holds a complete set of cutlery for use on the go.
This adorable cake carrier designed by Michela Voglino for the first edition of the BMW Creative Lab converts into a cake stand.
Image: Eva K. Salvi
How adorable are these watermelon shoes from Office as worn by TV presenter and writer Angela Scanlon.
Montreal-based Norquay Co.'s canoe paddles are individually crafted from cherry wood, painted and varnish-finished for long-lasting durability.  The paddles come in a range of gorgeous designs influenced by the outdoors and are functional as well as decorative.  The company was founded by a camping enthusiast obsessed with the great outdoors and equally for great design and currently there are five collections named after places in Canada.  Each paddle comes with a handmade leather harness.
Beautifully made, handmade (each pair is made to order) leather sandals and suede oxfords for children from zuzii.

Image: Roksanda Illincic
We are only featuring Roksanda Ilincic today, and this time it's their resort 2014 collection which features the same gorgeous blue-and-green combinations as the childrens' line. The clothes act as a retrospective of some of the their best past looks.

The new Roksanda Ilincic kids line features colour-blocked cobalt, turquoise, and lavender dresses with easy silhouettes and subtle feminine details, brights, bows, shift dresses with a few soft cardigans and trousers thrown in for good measure.
I hope that title does lead the wrong sort of traffic to the blog,but I couldn't pass up Saran Yen Panya’s range of furniture called Cheap Ass Elites.

Made from a combination of cheap everyday plastic items with more exclusive furniture components, the chairs are comprised of ‘low’ common household plastic objects – storage and laundry baskets – as the seating (back, base and arms), the lower part of the chair a simplified version of those stereotypical upper class chairs made out of wood. As the designer had said, the project is an illustration of a world where there’s no rich ass or poor ass: an ass is an ass.

Saran Yen Panya originates from Thailand, where he qualified as a designer.  His work combines design and storytelling in a visual way. The furniture represents a statement to the world about the great divide between rich and poor. “The designs are a blunt and sarcastic juxtaposition between rich and classical elements such as the louis armchair, ottoman chair, or the styles of William Morris, with low-taste elements such as mass-produced plastic appliances, common household items, working class objects etc. the clash of classes is simply shown, yet portrays the idealistic society where the rich and poor merge. All of the chairs are one-of-a-kind pieces,
A local dance production which will focus on the power play between an individual and his community is scheduled to take place in Bermuda from August 16 to 18.  Entitled "Through the Looking Glass", the performance will be put on by Jaricco.Dance, an arts company and Bermudian charity founded by local choreographer and dancer Eric Bean Jnr.

Eric began his dance training at the age of fifteen under the tutelage of Suzette Harvey, founder and artistic director of the Bermuda Dance Company. Although currently a member of the Philadelphia-based Koresh Dance Company, Eric is committed to assisting with the development of a new generation of performing artists in Bermuda and over the past couple of years has held an annual dance intensive on the island which he eventually hopes to offer throughout the Caribbean.

 Wee Society has made this set of heirloom wooden blocks which are intended to grow with your child and be treasured by coming generations.  The Wee You - Things blocks are embossed with  textured patterns and come in a set of 16. The blocks are manufactured in Michigan from replenish-able basswood and printed with non-toxic inks.  The set includes three different puzzles and mix-and-match stacking characters.

Froc is an adjustable high chair for toddlers and children from the ages of 6 months to 10 years.  Designed for stability and maximum safety. The chair is mounted on a four-pronged base which ensures that it remains balanced no matter what the sitter may be up to.  It is easily assembled and adjustable, growing with the child. The seat, footrest height and the backrest position can all be repositioned and the safety belt removed.

Marc Jacobs isn't just content with conquering the fashion, accessories or stationery markets and has set his sights on women's beauty with this new make-up line. Packaged in classic Marc Jacobs style, the collection features bold colours, tongue-in-cheek product names and even a few items which are intended to be unisex.
The line is extensive - 122 pieces - which are divided into four categories: Smart Complexion, Blacquer, Hi-Per Color and Boy Tested, Girl Approved. Smart Complexion includes foundations, concealer and powder, Blacquer a precision pen eyeliner, lash lifter and gel crayon, Hi-Per Color lip products, blush, eye shadow, bronzer and nail lacquer and Boy Tested, Girl Approved includes a lip balm, brow tamer and concealer.  The three unisex products are the Lip Lock Moisture Balm, Brow Tamer Grooming Gel and Remedy Concealer Pen.
The collection launches today, August 9 at Sephora, select Marc Jacobs stores in the US and online.  Launches in France, Italy and Spain in Spring 2014 and the rest of Europe throughout 2014 will follow. 

Image: G-SHOCK
I have alawys had a fondness for skeleton watches where the workings of the inner mechanism can be seen, so it's no surprise that the GA-300 watch caught my eye.  Couple this with the extremely sleek and shiny silver housing and removable mirrored silver leather cuff, this watch is G-SHOCK as reimagined by Maison Martin Margiela.  Developed in honour of the 30th anniversary of the G-SHOCK watch, the GA-300 was released as a limited edition of 3,000 pieces each tagged with an exclusive serial number on March 30 and was available from 300 points of sale worldwide.
I'd forgotten how much I love Oilily until I stumbled across their Spring/Summer 2013 line recently.  The Dutch fashion line has existed since 1963 and is well-known for its use of bright colours and patterns.

Image: Diego Alta
From Milan-based designer Odo Fioravanti comes the Dragonfly chair he produced for Segis.  The designer observed that  the insects' bodies are characterized by an imbalance in weight distribution between the front legs and their extended abdomen and so sought to create a chair as uniquely balanced as the forms found in nature. The chair is therefore cantilever in form with its four steel legs joined at the front of the injection-molded polypropylene shell seat. The fine balance of the structure is achieved via a hidden U-shaped element under the seat.
Borely Castle recently re-opened its doors as the Museum of Decorative Arts, Pottery and Fashion in Marseille. During the major renovation which had been undertaken on the building, designer Matthew Lehanneur imagined this unique LED chandelier called Ropes which now adorns the entryway.   Made of borosilicate glass tubes, the designer likens the item to a line of light and glass passing through the ceiling, the fixture is sleek and modern but manages to complement the traditional lines of the interior. 
Organise your life with this set of four notebooks designed by Moko Sellars which are available through Suck UK. With built-in tabs ready for labeling, write on the cover tabs to organise the notebooks by topic or on the inner tabs to further organise each book. The pages of each book are different colours for further convenience.
More French garden furniture, this time from Laorus. These galvanized steel garden accessories are produced in Charleville in the Ardennes, a region of known for its metal work traditions. Stylish and practical, the collection includes a standing tap, a basin and a three-legged stool in different hues to complement your garden or patio. With storage conveniently on the rear of the unit, the collection is functional and attractive. 

Have a look at the entire line by visiting Laorus.
Image: Keds
Keds and Kate Spade New York celebrate the best of both brands by repeating their past performance with the release today, August 1, of six pairs of printed canvas sneakers featuring polka dots, stripes, oversized leopard and an apple motif.  The bold prints and graphics are featured on Keds' girliest shoe, the Champion Rally, and can be purchased at keds.com, katespade.com and Kate Spade New York boutiques.