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Image  |  Newmakers
These psychedelic zebra are part of Newmakers' small line of children's toys and rockers. Manufactured in Devon by designer Dan Cox, the rockers can also be purchased in the United States through Anthropologie.

How is this for combining the best of digital and analog?  The Spark notebook from Bamboo is a folio with a smart pen and place for notepaper that makes it easy to bridge your paper life with the digital world.  It allows you to hand write notes on paper which are then converted at the press of a button into electronic data and may be stored either locally or exported to the cloud for easy editing, sharing or archiving.  There are three styles to choose from which allows you to carry smartphones, tablets or computers of different sizes.

This geometric, curvilinear matt black lampshade is inspired by Victor Vasarely’s Optical Art.   Two semicircular spheres act as both fore- and background of the Dana lamp and create two intersecting sets of lines with a single common point.  The result is a shade that produces striking, contoured shadows and gives the impression of movement where none exists.  The Dana lamp is designed by Luis Arrivillaga.

These handmade local cards and some jewellery are available from 1609 Designs' retail location in Old Cellar Lane off Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda.  The cards are made by artist Joanna Staff who also sells canvas bags with leather trim that feature scenes from around the island.

There are loads of travel mugs on the market these days, but this one caught our eye with its elegant combination of natural materials. The One-o-One travel mug is named after the tallest skyscraper in Taipei and commemorates the city's skyline with its modern reinterpretation of traditional Chinese travel mugs.  The handmade ceramic vessels are topped with a wooden cap and the textured exterior replicates the building's facade.  The travel mugs are designed by Italian creative agency Hangar Design Group and form part of the Liven product line.
Image  |  Atelerie
These scalloped-edged credit card holders embossed with a gold map of Bermuda are specially made by Asha by ADM for Atelerie.
Image  |  Monroe Workshop
We initially thought these were reindeer, however Monroe Workshop's herd of mini robot horses are adorable no matter what label they are given.  Made from cotton rope and wood offcuts from the studio, the horses are sold in sets of five.
Angular and colourful, the GO Nature boy shelf with bevelled legs by Vitamin Design has coloured accents made of linoleum cuts.  The body of the unit and the interior inserts can be made either of wood or coloured linoleum boards both of which were chosen for their sustainability.

Image  |  Huzi
This wooden block set from Huzi is made up of simple shapes that are held together by magnets. The pieces are interchangeable and can be taken apart and put back together to create rocket ships or satellites as intended, or they can be reconfigured into entirely new structures limited only by you or your child's imaginations.  The Cosmos blocks are available for pre-order on Kickstarter now.
We love these cast porcelain mugs with geometric handles from AAndersson, a Philadelphia-based design and concept company that produce highly considered functional forms from premium ceramic materials. The mat exterior of the mug provides an interesting contrast between the shiny, glazed interior of the mug.
Image  |  Uncommon Caribbean
The national bird of Trinidad now has a rum named after it.

This blend of copper-pot distilled, 3 to 5 year oak-aged Trinidad rums is part of a small cask run production that was bottled for Death & Co. in the East Village of Manhattan, New York.  The blended rum is of a higher proof (98% alcohol by volume) than many of its contemporaries, and is part of a limited run that is only being sold in New York, Washington DC and California.  The Scarlet Ibis rum was created specifically for Death & Co. by Trinidadian bulk rum production company Caroni.
French designer Patrick Norguet has created Colander, his latest chair for the Italian furniture manufacturer Kristalia.  The perforations on the moulded polypropylene seat and back of the chair give the piece its name and the resulting design is light and attractive with easy lines and versatile design.  Made from aluminium with a die cast crosspiece and extruded legs, the chair is suitable for indoor and outdoor use as the holes allow water to run off and the seat to dry quickly.  The Colander chair is available in white, black, beige, red and grey.

We thought we'd get another watch post up today, so here is a beautifully rendered and minimalist offering from Netherlands-based LEFF Amsterdam and Piet Hein Eek who, when designing the piece, acknowledged that he wished to take on the challenge of creating a timepiece that was both functional and beautiful.  The two previously collaborated in 2014 on the the 'tube' series, and this wristwatch is a riff on the original table clock Eek designed.  The rugged yet refined, industrial-looking watch has an extruded ring that functions as its face with the notches marking the hours and minutes.  The watch comes in steel, matte black, and brass with either a leather strap or a steel wristband.
You'd think the demand for watches would be at an all time low what with the smartphones we carry everywhere with us.  It's amazing then that watches are still manufactured and even more so that they continue to be a very important fashion accessory. In any event, watches remain our Achilles heel, especially ones with minimalist faces such as this, the Archipel watch collection from Montréal-based Neuvo design studio.  The watch has a beveled dial, perforated leather strap, stainless steel case and an offset crown.

Designer Joost Seegers of Atelier Seegers has created this wood and metal table which forms part of his Groove Collection.  The distinctive metal legs of the table are notched - having been partially sawn - and then bent into shape.  Seegers wanted the incisions to be visible and as a result has created a beautiful and distinctive feature.  Each table is manufactured by hand and is identified by a unique a serial number.

Many islands in the Caribbean and the Atlantic coast of the United States have been battling an invasion of Lionfish, a non-endemic species for several years. The fish are not native to this part of the world, having been imported from Asia and Australia by exotic fish lovers as pets and then released into the wild, and have been reproducing in vast quantities as there are no natural predators to keep their numbers in check.   Despite the problems these fish have been causing to the ecosystems of these areas, there is no doubt that the fish themselves are both beautiful and dangerous.  This beauty has been captured by artist and designer Earl Pinto who had previously created lit white polypropylene acrylic sculptures and has now recently created a copper prototype.
We came across this serene and pale interior via the blog Love Design Barbados a few weeks ago.

What we love about designer Sophie Domenge's vision is that although it is nautical it's not the clichéd, navy-and-white-striped-sail-boat-model nautical that is popular everywhere, but it nonetheless harks back to the beach with its rope details, natural elements and muted colours. There is little blue, but you definitely know the ocean is her muse.  In addition to her interior design work, Domenge also creates bespoke furniture and custom artwork from her studio on the island of Barbados.
Image  |  Dino Sanchez
This hand-tooled leather wallet is from designer Dino Sanchez who, in collaboration with The Bezar, created this limited edition one-off run of vegetable tanned leather pouch with nickel plated stud closure which is designed to be beautiful and utilitarian.  

David Yurman is known for producing classic, traditional pieces largely based on the iconic twisted cable 'Renaissance' design that was introduced in 1982.  The pieces are usually fairly conservative, so we were glad to see them update their line with this bright, bold and colourful take on the traditional that modernises the classic look and is geared toward an entirely new demographic. The limited-edition anodised aluminium bracelets were released late last year and are intended to be stacked in multiples of one colour or many.

Image  |  Apartment Therapy
A vintage Bermuda tourism poster takes centre stage in this bedroom on Apartment Therapy.