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October is the month for all things gothic, right?

Horror Vacui, a label founded by Anna Heinrichs in 2012 beautifully combines the fear of emptiness with the growing popularity for comfort that has emerged since the pandemic. Her line of fine pyjamas and nightwear-inspired garments are covered with whimsical prints and elaborate sartorial details.

Heinrichs showed the first Horror Vacui collection in Paris in January 2014 where it caught the eye of Christiane Arp, the Editor-in-Chief of German VOGUE who invited Heinrichs to present at the VOGUE Salon during Berlin Fashion Week.

In psychology, the principle of "horror vacui" relates to the human instinct to decorate one’s surroundings, while in art and visual disciplines it is the urge to fill all empty space with details. The line distills iconic codes of nightwear, traditional tailoring and an urban edge into immaculate pyjamas.

Horror Vacui
With Horror Vacui, Heinrichs uses colour, patterns, unexpected materials and precise cutting techniques and details to elevate simple basics into character pieces.

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