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We have long been a fan of Camper shoes for their quirky, whimsical and often amusing take on footwear, but we also love when they collaborate in a thoughtful way which they have done here. Camper have developed limited edition reimagining of the original model of their distinctive "stepping islands" or "walking islands" boot in conjunction with the Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI), a programme of the International Trade Center, a joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations.  

EFI's objective is to provide small producers in developing countries with the ability to collaborate with prestigious brands in the fashion industry. Camper first joined the initiative in 2015, and this collaboration takes advantage of their more than 145 years of experience as a shoemaker and combines these historic skills with diverse African techniques and materials. 

The design of the shoe was pulled from Camper's archives, reissued and reworked with a pointed toe and new shape. The shoes are manufactured in Spain using organic cotton and jute, which are hand-woven in Burkina Faso and dyed with natural dyes. Because textile production is often largely in the hands of local women, the collaboration gives them access to education and gainful employment, which in turn has a positive effect on local social conditions. The sole of the shoe is made from the sap of the rubber tree known as Lactae Hevea.

Camper Lab
The Camper Lab x EFI collaboration is available in beige and yellow.

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