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No, not that obsession, something better.

I stumbled upon Byredo, a Stockholm-based fragrance house which was founded in 2006 by Canadian Ben Gorham the other day and was immediately hooked by the clean, simple scents.  I tend to prefer smaller bespoke lines rather than perfumes manufactured as a side-line (read: revenue generator) for fashion houses and this is definitely one of the more impressive ones.  With inspiration taken from a such diverse sources as Parisian avant-gardism and African culture, the scents are delectable, unique and vibrant.  The packaging is equally attractive: a weighty glass bottle is topped by a smooth, rubber stopper which snaps back into place using an ingenious method.

Byredo's products currently include perfume, home fragrance, body care products and accessories, all of which are made in Sweden with a distinct focus on craftsmanship and quality.  The eau de parfums and fragrances can be found at select stockists globally or online.

Images: Byredo


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