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Traditional representations of Bermuda can be found everywhere: from postcards to calendars, posters and t-shirts.  While we're not disparaging these portrayals, it is refreshing to see representations of the island which are slightly more unconventional.  About a year ago we discovered Nettleink, a brand whose artists are influenced by the nature, culture, history and people of the island, but who seek to answer the question of what is local in a different way.  Using vintage or historical images of the island which are not necessarily picture postcard perfect or by stripping down its flora and fauna, they have created an eye-catching line of soft finishings and stationery all the while not straying from their inspiration.  Their designs also often feature phrases pulled from the local vernacular which, when combined with their imagery, create a graphic, witty and undeniably local brand.

Nettleink recently launched three new textile lines: Deveined, Grapeseed and Coral Canvas all of which have deconstructed, abstract imagery.  Deveined is inspired by the Monstera leaf which is found in abundance all over the island, Grapeseed is an Ikat print that has been spun from a single cedar twig, while with Coral Canvas, the inspiration for the Rorschach-like print was taken from the coral reefs that surround Bermuda, the curving, organic shapes of which were then overlaid with a henna illustration.

Nettleink products are available exclusively from Urban Cottage.

Images  |  island*atelier

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