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The Fragile Future III collection by Studio Drift combines nature and technology to create art.

The light sculpture is made up of three-dimensional bronze electrical circuits connected to LED lights with hand-picked dandelion seeds glued individually with extreme precision to the lights in a labour-intensive process that is a statement against mass production and throwaway culture. The piece represents the studio's vision of a distinct mix between the high-tech and poetic imagery in which light functions as a symbolic and emotional ingredient.

The dandelion heads create a natural shade around each bulb and softening the light and creating an etherial effect. The combination of the rigid, grid-like structure of the bronze electrical circuits and the soft, organic shape of the dandelions is striking and effective bringing two commonly polarising objects together harmoniously. The chandeliers are designed to be hanging pieces, table ornaments or wall decorations. There are infinite possibilities for the sculpture's shape and size as new circuits can always be added. 

Studio Drift


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