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Kites Over St George's | Vaughn Evans
The 2012 Charman Prize awarded last October represented the fifth time the event has been held and, while there was no shortage of talent, the winning entry was in our minds immediately evident.    Molly Godot's watercolour painting Green Man Gombey (pictured after the jump) was a beautifully executed piece which cleverly and wittily played on the Bermudian theme of the competition in a subtle and intelligent manner.  The Gombey is a popular cultural touchstone and as such is often featured as a shorthand for all things Bermudian.  As the judges stated, Godot created a balance between the literal and the anthropomorphic with simple grace and beauty. 

Feel the Love | Gavin Djata Smith

Blue Bird of Paradise | Deanne DeSilva
Hold On | Christopher G Marsden
Welcome to Wonderland | Elizabeth Mulderig-Watlington
Building Unity | Nick Minugh
On De Rocks | Zoe Dyson
Green Man Gombey | Molly Godet

In Motion | Nicky Gurret
Haile | Samantha Gosling
Self-Entitled Non-Mariners | Mark Henderson
Rectory on Ord Road | Marlene Jantzen
Love Is All You Need | Pierangelo Lanfranchi
Window Within a Window | Daniel DeSilva


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