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The phenomenon that is the Bermuda Triangle is mentioned here a lot less often than you might think.  It tends to comes off as a slightly embarrassing anecdote; known about but not discussed much.   Antoine Hunt is not afraid to embrace its notoriety, and he has used this pop culture reference as the inspiration for his latest solo show now being held in Studio B of the Bermuda Society of Arts.

The small but compelling exhibit called Golden Ratio Equilateral Triangles consists of five pieces in charcoal, oil paint and gold leaf on large canvases.  Hunt uses a subtly textured matt black as the primary colour, and this has the effect of drawing the viewer in.  The surface of each canvas is intersected by lines or curves of varying strengths and thicknesses.  At first glance the geometric shapes appear familiar in their structure but on closer inspection there is a sort of off-kilterness - just enough to throw you and your perspective off.

Golden Ratio Equilateral Triangles can be viewed until May 31.

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