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Josep Font has found a winning formula and has managed a feat that is difficult, if not nearly impossible, to replicate. He has devised an aesthetic for his design house: one that is authentic, non-derivative and effective but remains undeniably Delpozo. There are certain tropes - be they colours or silhouettes - that are often repeated from season to season, but this fact stems more from Font's love of architectural silhouettes and his mid-modern sensibilities and do not detract from the real issue; that the clothes continue to be beautiful, striking and well-made. Perhaps this latter fact is the most important criterion attributable to the success of the revamped house. Certainly no one can accuse Font of not having impeccably finished pieces. 

The details stand out and this upcoming season is no different. Wide, pleated trousers were paired with cape-like jackets, one-shouldered dresses with ruffles cascaded from the waist down to the floor or showed up as corsages, on shoulders or fins on trousers that still managed to flatter the body. Cropped tops were knotted with a superfluous expanse of fabric. There were bright neon touches and abstract patterns of leaves and flowers. A dotted, floral paisley pattern was scattered across a high-waisted skirt paired with an embellished sweater. Speaking of which, Delpozo's trademark embellishments were toned down and used judiciously. Just a few paillettes turned up scattered across a shoulder or on a jacket.

The clothes this season were accessorised with oversized raffia bows, turbans and sandals. 

Images  |   Edward James/ Indigital.tv


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