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Aptly, on the same of the day as the Global Climate Strike and as climate protests were held in cities around the world to demand that politicians treat climate change as a moral and ethical obligation rather than solely an environmental issue, Francesco Risso showed this exuberant collection that was based on a trip he had made to the Amazon six months ago.  

Since that time Risso and the rest of the world have watched in horror as the rainforest burns. This has given the collection a timely political and revolutionary feel. Nature abounded albeit in a twisted, subversive way. Models walked with heads caked in clay, twigs, leaves and flowers and were dressed in relics of clothing: up-cycled textiles, organic cottons, and “recuperated”embossed hand-painted leather covered in paint. Naively rendered floral prints in bright, tropical colours covered the clothes although the exuberance of the tropical blooms was tempered by black. Risso showed oversized jackets and narrower skirts which made for a top-heavy silhouette. A luxurious revolution. 

Filippo Flor/Gorunway.com


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