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She Changed the World (Detail), Alice Coutet
We have been featuring the Charman Prize consistently pretty much since its inception, and this year marks the 10th iteration of the show. We often approach it with more than a little trepidation because Bermuda is the muse and for an island that is only twenty-one square miles it can often be a stretch to come up with new and interesting ideas. 

North Shore, Alex Allardyce
20/21 (Detail), Jacqueline Alma
Sea of Dreams (Detail), Cheryl Hayeem
This time around, the pandemic meant certain changes had to be made to the opening of the show and the prizegiving. Rather than a huge launch the show will go ahead without the official judging having taken place. This will be done in a few months time and a decision on the overall winner announced.

Bermuda Spring Garden (Detail), Jill Amos Raine

Polarity, Meredith Andrews
This is the Place (Detail), Andrea Sundt
We are pleased to report that the offering this year was strong.  The uncertain global landscape of the past two years was highlighted by this year’s theme “Bermuda, Our Island, In a Changing World”. The variety of media and types of artwork submitted prove that size is no barrier to creativity and artistic expression. In addition to the more traditional oil and glice paintings, we saw digital photography, multi-media installations, the most detailed cross-stitch, collage, engraved glass, concrete sculptures, and even quilted fabric.

All Them Lot, Sabriyya Harvey

The Power of Intention Series, Aziza Sarambetova
Heal Thyself (Detail), Cherie Richardson
Fight or Flight, Stratton Hatfield
Some previous winners repeated here including Graham Foster, Jayde Gibbons and Chris Dawson. Our favourites included Andrea Sundt's 'This is the Place', Aziza Sarambetova's triptych entitled 'The Power of Intention Series', Jill Amos Raine's 'Bermuda Spring Garden' which was striking in its colour and composition, Antoine Hunt's 'Coming and Going', Cheryl Hayeem's "Sea of Dreams', and Sabriyya Harvey’s 'All Them Lot' which captures local life. A number of the pieces had an additional digital element including 'World Underwater' by Michaela Antoinette, Jayde Gibbons' 'SUPA' and Gherdai Hassell's 'The Hive'.

Coming and Going, Antoine Hunt
Rising Tide (Detail), Carmen Domarco
20/21 (Detail), Jacqueline Alma
The Charman Prize opens to the public today at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art.


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