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Balls, Meredith Andrews
Bermuda National Gallery is currently holding 'Flotsam + Jetsam: The Cost of Modern Living', a solo exhibition by Meredith Andrews in conjunction with Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB), one of the oldest charitable organisations on the island. As part of the fundraising programme for the organisation, Andrews is showing nine archival prints, the proceeds from the sale of which will benefit both the Bermuda National Gallery and KBB. In addition to the pieces on display, twenty fine art prints of each artwork numbered and signed by the artist will be available for purchase from the Bermuda National Gallery exclusively, and can be ordered via their online store.

Andrews, who initially started with botanical flat lays, began collecting the detritus that washes up on Bermuda's beaches seven years ago. Most of the items she finds are fairly expected: ocean plastics, bottles and discarded fishing gear, lighters, toothbrushes, toys, bottle caps, shoes and straws, however the amount of PPE and masks she has come across recently has dramatically increased for obvious reasons. The items she collects are brought back to her storage unit-cum-studio, meticulously sorted into different categories, cleaned and stored. Once a particular type of item has achieved critical mass, Andrews experiments with different layouts and patterns until she is happy with the end result. 

Andrews loves the medium of photography and sees it as a vehicle for storytelling that can often convey more than the written word or a moving image. 
"There's a quiet moment of this period between the viewer and the work that is really their perception of it, their interpretation of it."
Meredith Andrews
She notes that there is a parallel between these collages and her portrait work as, in both instances, her aim is to take something commonplace and elevate it.

Meredith Andrews, Niké Bada
Through her work, Andrews hopes to create beauty out of chaos and to shine a spotlight on the negative effects of our disposable culture. Together, she and KBB hope to encourage individuals to take greater responsibility in the reduction of waste and litter through action, education and art.


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