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South Korean-based MISC Studio have created what they call a furniture retrospective on traditional Korean culture that explores the relationship between people and space. Their goal is to communicate beyond language and visuals, and an accompanying modern dance performance – the Living Performance Project – focuses on the emotions created by the interaction between of their Klassiker lounge chair and Seoulban side table. 

Our focus is on the Seoulban side table which reinterprets a dining table first used in 37 A.D. and which was inspired by Susunjeondo, an old map portraying Hanyang (old Seoul) during the Joseon Dynasty. The table is crowned by a heavy, squared wooden top with curved edges while molding details around its base signify the eight castle gates that surrounded Seoul. While MISC Studio have improved the table's functionality by reducing its size, the modernised version still plays homage to the traditional version.

The Living Performance Project performance can be viewed below.

MISC Studio


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