Images: Wallpaper* Magazine
I got really excited when I came across this article by Wallpaper* magazine featuring modern Caribbean architecture recently. Some of the buildings are familiar to me, like the fairly new National Academy of the Performing Arts in Port of Spain, Trinidad (middle picture), however I was pleasantly surprised to find that there appear to be a growing number of architects taking the initiative of designing beautiful modern buildings for the region.

One such architect is Mark Raymond and his private house (top picture) is featured in the gallery. It appears to be situated in the hills overlooking Port of Spain, and has been designed to afford a beautiful views over land to the Gulf of Paria.

Another gorgeous home is the Shoestring House designed by Architects Cubed (bottom picture).  I'm not familiar with this property which is situated along the very crowded Gold Coast of Barbados, but it uses to great effect that blurring of indoor and outdoor spaces that appeals to me.

In addition to featuring examples of more traditional Caribbean-style buildings in the slideshow gallery, the Bequia House by Edgley Design which I wrote about here also receives a mention, as well as one fantastical hotel complex in St Lucia called Jade Mountain which I had never seen or heard of before.

I'm really excited and encouraged by what appears to be a push toward beautiful, modern architecture in the region.