These sweet toys are from Corby Tindersticks, an illustration-led brand that aims to create fun designs and illustrations for children and adults alike. The dolls are lovingly designed and made in Birmingham, England with a machine-washable marl jersey body. The quirky characters include Chloe the Soft Robot Toy, Wilby, Ralph Raddish and Barry Bags.

The design of the Spruce table from O'Hara Studio has been borrowed from nature. Part of a series, the table draws inspiration from conifer cones of the Alpine forest. The table is assembled from imbricate plates, with scales arranged in over-lapping layers then sculpted and finished by hand. O'Hara Studio offers three designs in the series in a variety of heights.

Trinidadian fashion designer Shari Cumberbatch recently launched a capsule collection for her line SHOPSHARI called CANVAS. While SHOPSHARI is more commonly known for its prints, the pieces in the capsule collection consist of plain, but still brightly coloured, Neoprene tops, dresses and bodysuits in neon colours.

We're in love with these gorgeous, thick-heeled boots from John Galliano for Maison Martin Margiela. With a single white stitch across the front and a white heel encased in protective plastic (it is Margiela after all) they are practical with just the right amount of an edge to make them interesting. 

The Goed Photostand by Mooi is a simple and clever design. It consists of two parts - a metal clip and a Carrara marble support - which, when combined by sliding the clip into the marble, creates a chic way to display your favourite photos, cards or mini artworks.

Part of the 'Stories by the Water' project, Breaking Surface by designer Sophie Hardy is a table the top of which is made of layers of multicoloured  coloured sheets of paper sandwiched between plywood. The edge of the table has a serrated edge that has been cut to expose the layers. The table was inspired by the small Swedish village of Dals LĂ„nged where the economy is based on the paper industry and is a statement on the integration of disparate societies. The village is now home to large international and multicultural communities and for Hardy, the layers of paper represent hidden potential and concealed beauty that she believes exists in these societies.

The top core and surface of the table are made of birch veneer and its legs are of solid birch with brass pipe support rails.

A feast for the eyes as well as the tongue, these modular chocolates are the result of a collaboration between Universal Favourite, an Australian design agency, and Bakedown Cakery. The pair wished to create flavours that could be paired in many different combinations to create a new experience. They designed an original modular shape that was 3D printed into positives and then turned into chocolate moulds. These create edible blocks that can be stacked in a variety of combinations such as dark chocolate and strawberry, pistachio and matcha. Other flavours available include shortbread, blackcurrant, cookies and cream, fairy floss, cherry, watermelon, vanilla, and lemon.

Tired of children's furniture that just looks like a miniature version of your own? Then have a look at this collection of handmade furniture with Greek and African influences by Fudje. Fudje is a design-led brand created as a collaboration by the partners of Edje Architects who, having lived in both Greece and South Africa, took their inspiration for their designs from both of these countries. The designers are keen to ensure that their goods are sourced and produced ethically and focus on using local craftsmanship and traditional techniques in the creation of their contemporary aesthetic.

Forget about the Superstar, it's all about the Bermuda for 2017. Adidas have reissued this classic sneaker with its football-inspired look in a suede texture. The leather-constructed upper features serrated 3-stripes in a contrasting colour tone. The Bermuda sneaker is available in grey and blue.