We have always been drawn to structural fashion so the simple, origami-like folds and unadorned clothes of the Paper Planes collection from Spanish children's clothes brand Annice particularly called to us. It was not much of a surprise that the new kids fashion brand was launched by a pair of architects. With its clean and minimalist designs the clothes still exhibit a fluidity and ease of wear that will appeal to kids and grownups alike.

Image  |  AÃRK
Colour-blocking has been taken to the next level by multidisciplinary design studio Daniel Emma who have experimented with contrasting colours for this second watch collection for AÃRK.

The Multi collection features three timepieces that use contrasting colours to evoke different times of the day and are a visual representation of each word: Multi Morning combines camel and pastel tones against a forest-green hour hand, Multi Noon pairs a grey strap and face with vibrant hands, while Multi Midnight features a matt black dial and denim-blue strap. By rethinking conventional timepiece finishings and pairings, the Multi takes a playful approach to design through the use of colour. The result is a bold yet balanced combination of wearable palettes. 

This beautiful, minimalist rocking horse for children by award-winning German company Sirch is made of ash and stainless steel. The sculptural lines of the Rosa rocking horse will entertain for hours while looking like a piece of art.

Living in the mid-Atlantic it can be both chilly and cool or swelteringly hot depending upon the time of the year, so this would definitely come in handy. The Degré by Accent is a portable, auxiliary heating and/or cooling system which is meant to supplement your main temperature moderating unit by creating a bubble of warm or cool air around the user almost instantly. By its playful shape and its cozy, tactile texture, the Degré is designed to be touched, rested against and even sat upon. 

This wisdom of plush little wombats are made from the textile offcuts of Les Basic upholstered products. Called Les Basic Wombat, the toys created by head designer Alexander Lotersztain are doing their part to reduce waste and at the same time provide vital support to the wildlife of Australia as a percentage of money earned from the sale of each is donated to the RSPCA. 

Image  |   Calle Huth
Previously available in white, grey and blue, the iconic Me lamp is now also available in matt black. Created by Norwegian designers Morten Skjærpe Knarrum and Jonas Norheim who together are known as Morten & Jonas, the Me lamp is indicative of their signature style: forward-thinking design marked by curiosity, imagination and humour.

These porcelain bells by Michele Quan are the perfect canvas on which to exhibit her love of drawing, painting, text and colour. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, but now based in New York, Quan designs and sculpts the ceramic objects using forms that are built by hand, wheel thrown in stoneware or porcelain, and hand painted. The images and script she engraves on the pieces have their roots in the visual symbols of Eastern iconography and reflect her interest in symbolism, literature and ideology. She hopes that her work will serve as both an object of contemplation to inspire reverence and as a source of encouragement and refuge. The bells are hung by hemp rope while the clappers are made of reclaimed wood.

The Iittala x Issey Miyake Home Collection is a collaboration between two masters of timeless design from two sides of the world unified by one vision: a home with harmony. It combines Scandinavian and Asian craftsmanship with clean aesthetics to create a certain balanced ambiance. Featuring innovative pleating techniques and original Issey Miyake fabric which does not wrinkle when stored, the line has a vibrant palette of colours that were specially developed for it. The unique collection of high quality ceramics, glass and home textiles all encourage you to pause and enjoy the moment.

atelier oï designed the Decompose vase for Danese/Artemide S. p. A. It combines a lifeless element – an industrial, semifinished product – with nature. The vase starts as a solid, cylindrical  form but becomes more immaterial as you progress along its length with strips whose width decreases gradually, into rings that stretch upwards at an angle. The thought behind the design originated from the idea of opening the rings into a progression that changes each time. Through industrial processing using a cutting principle, the object is turned into a form whose shape is not modified, but rather carries on the idea of growth in its interaction with the nature contained within.

Made of laser-cut anodised aluminium, the Decompose vase is fitted with a clear glass element to hold flowers and plants.