Image: island*atelier
After wearing everything from my natural shoulder-length hair to waist-grazing extensions, a few months ago I decided to go in the opposite direction and cut all of my hair off.  While looking for ideas, I scoured the Internet and a few of the images I used as inspiration for the cut are pictured above.  I like the result and have received many complements since, so you can imagine my surprise when I read this article in The New York Times yesterday which describes the style perfectly, especially the description of it being something young men wore back in the heyday of Western Europe's fascist movement because the immediate reaction my German SO had when he saw it was that I now look like their leader. 

While I'm a little upset that I no longer have a distinctive cut but one which is apparently part of a trend, I like it so I'll probably keep it for a while.  I prefer to consider it a throwback to the New Wave/Synthesizer band look of my heyday rather than anything else.