Image: BoConcept

Reminiscent of the leaf-shaped bar stool and chair by Hyunsoo Choi that was featured here (and they do admit the chair is nature-inspired) and the Volumptuous sideboard by Edward Johnson that was featured here, is the Ottawa Collection of furniture and accessories for BoConcept designed by. It includes a complete dining room set with table, chairs, sideboard and cabinet and a light-hearted line of accessories.  The sideboard comes in different finishes and colourful inserts can be used to customize the handles and ends of that piece. 

The accessories include a black and white fingerprint rug, puzzle shaped vases, a futuristic bright orange pendant lamp, a coordinating glass touch lamp with the same bright orange cord, a hand-made aluminum bowl designed to form a pattern, and a set of originally designed cups, espresso cups and rimmed saucers that feature Rashid’s art.

Images: BoConcept