Image: H&M
It's really popular right now for these high-low collaborations to receive a lot of publicity, but I have been amazed by the vast number of column inches and photographs which have been devoted to this 104-piece collaboration by H&M x Martin Margiela. 

I will admit, when I first saw the lookbook that I was quite excited by the idea of the collection, however as more and more images were released, I realised that the reason why the fashion industry is salivating over the clothes is because they are a highly conceptual and forward-thinking reworking of some of the label's classic pieces (each piece will be labeled with a unique tag to indicate the Maison Martin Margiela season from which it originated).  With clever, asymmetric draping and oversized shapes, these clothes are not necessarily something that would be wearable by the ordinary consumer, although from the editorials I have seen, I will admit that the clothes are stunning in photographs. 

That does not mean that I haven't been coveting a few items in particular the lucite pumps, asymmetrical dress and slashed  jacket, and I have just been advised by my agent on the ground and I have been successful in obtaining two out of three of the items. 

The H&M x Martin Margiela collection goes on sale in 230 H&M stores and online from today.

Images: H&M